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Magazines - Music

Shipping for one magazine will be $4 domestically for the first one. I can ship up to four issues for $10 unless specified (some magazines are heavier/larger than others). Internationally, $8-10 depending on the issue. As always, leave a comment if you have any questions or direct any emails to wapiko [@] gmail [.] com.
No furoku is included unless otherwise noted.

Girls Hits!

2001 - March $9
Quality: Like new, but slightly dirty on the back
Cover Model: hiro
Notable talents: Aikawa Nanase, Do As Infinity, Earth, EE JUMP, HALNA (HAL), Hamasaki Ayumi, Kiroro, Kuraki Mai, LOVE PSYCHEDELICO, mini-moni, Morning Musume, Onitsuka Chihiro, Utada Hikaru
Notes: The whole thing is pretty much a pin-up magazine, but it comes with separate pull-out pin-ups of Bonnie Pink, EE JUMP, Hamasaki Ayumi, hiro, and Tama (Hysteric Blue).