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This is the selling journal of wapiko. All prices are listed in USD. There's a Shipping & Payment FAQ if you scroll down, but directly below is a quick link area of categories. To place an order, leave a comment on the appropriate entry or send an email to wapiko @ gmail[.]com.

My eBay feedback page can be found by clicking this very long link. :D

(in YYYY-MM-DD format)
2013-10-02 - Added in some 2006 issues of KERA and some issues of JUNON.
2013-06-30 - Added in several magazines, including S Cawaii, Zipper, WPB, Kindai, sabra, CUTiE, and more.
2013-06-27 - Added some video games, a dictionary, and Mukai Osamu's first photobook.
2013-06-26 - I have a new camera finally so I should be making some updates my next free night.
2012-11-21 - Just wanted to say that yes, I'm still here and selling merch!
2012-05-01 - Aaand now I've broken my camera. As outdated as it was, it was the best source of photography I had around here, beating out even my cell phone and iPod touch, so I'm kind of screwed for a while. That said, I added a pair of PEACH JOHN shoes to Clothing/Fashion.
2012-04-17 - I apologize for the lack of updates! My laptop charger has all but died so I have very little computer access. (>_<); For now, I have added some Sailormoon figures to Dolls/Toys.
2012-03-12 - In Magazines, added three issues of Kindai to Idols, one issue each of Seventeen and Mini to Fashion, two 2009 issues to KERA.
2012-03-09 - Updated Books with Alichino (complete set), a Hazuki Riona photobook, and a Yoshizawa Hitomi photobook. Updated Dolls/Toys with figures of Blythe, Konno Asami (Morning Musume), Yaguchi Mari as her Minimoni persona, Little Pullip, and a set of Morning Musume playing cards. In Magazines, I added the furoku to an issue of SEVENTEEN (June). In Fashion, I added a Hello Kitty coin purse. Added a ton of stuff to Miscellaneous and Phone Straps.
2012-03-08 - Updated with a 2002 issue of Up to Boy, four issues of sabra, four issues of SEVENTEEN, two issues of POPTEEN, one issue of CUTiE, and one issue of ageha.
2012-03-06 - Added a handful of new phone straps.
2012-03-05 - Added issues of Comic Yuri-hime, Cookie, Kiss, Pichi Lemon, Shougaku manga magazine series, Up to Boy, and Weekly Playboy. Listed ROSE FANFAN seifuku dress for direct sale. Listed Sailor Uranus doll and Sailormoon playing cards for direct sale. Added auctions for two momoko DOLLs and two Jun Planning dolls.
2012-02-07 - This sales journal is officially open! However, I am far from being finished updating with things, so continue to check back.


  • Books (Manga, etc)
  • CDs
  • Clothing/Fashion
  • Dolls/Toys/Plushies
  • DVDs
  • Games
  • Magazines (see here for KERA)
  • Phone Straps & Accessories
  • Other miscellaney


    Why are you selling your things? How did you get so much?
    I've been collecting Japanese things for at least a decade, and my collecting borders on hoarding. I'd like to fix that. Also, I spent a year in Japan recently and need to sell a lot of the things I bought because they're not doing me any good, being lonely in a closet! (;^;) That and I have a lot of bills to pay. :D Being an adult is fun!

    What forms of payment do you accept?
    Only Paypal at this time.

    Where do you ship? Will you ship internationally?
    I'll ship anywhere that has an address! :D

    Do you combine on shipping?
    Of course. I offer pretty extensive discounts but it depends on what you're buying. For example, if you buy some clothing and a phone strap, there's no way I'm going to make you pay a few dollars extra just for the phone strap. Ordering things such as magazines are a bit heavier though, so I can't offer free combined shipping for those unless I ship priority (up to a certain amount). If it turns out I've grossly overcharged you on shipping, I'll be happy to refund the bit I overcharged.

    When are your shipping days?
    I am able to ship every Monday and Tuesday, but depending on my work schedule I am also occasionally able to ship on Friday late afternoons, provided I leave work early enough.

    Where will my items be coming from?
    Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

    How long will it take for my items to get here?
    I always use first class and/or priority within the states, and that tends to take 2-5 business days. International shipping takes at the least two weeks, and I have had a package take as long as a month and a half to arrive, but that was an extremely rare case and hadn't happened to me in the 10 years I have been selling.

    What do I do if my order hasn't arrived?!?!?!?!
    Send an email to wapiko [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know.

    Any other questions? Leave a comment or email me!